Nippon Salvage Co

Expert at sea

We, the Nippon Salvage Co., Ltd., are expert at sea and render salvage services to the casualty,
and prevent and minimize the environmental damage.
Based upon salvage, we are developing 3 businesses.


Accumulated experiences and knowhow over 120 years since the start of business.

We undertake the response to the accident of the vessel such as grounding, collision, fire, flooding, wreck removal of sunken vessel and control of oil pollution and etc.
As the accident at sea is of high emergency, response by the parties’ concerned is difficult, prompt arrangement of professional contractor is the first step to mitigate damages.
We are always prepared to the emergency with long fostered experiences and knowhow for 120 years since the start of business together with many experienced staff, salvage tugs, and facilities available for various accident. And, making the best of use our network so far built up with foreign salvors, we have positively responded to emergency in every inch of the world and accumulated achievements.
In recent years, adding to activities in foreign country, we adopted saturation diving system which enables us to remove hazardous material from deep sea.We are expanding our activities wider and deeper.

Submarine cable laying & burial

Contribution to your safety and convenient life through submarine cable laying work.

There are several kinds of cable to be laid out at seabed such as power cable, communication cable, observation cable and combined cable with the combination of functions.
Power and communication are both indispensable in our life, and observation cable for earthquake and tsunami is also important infrastructure not only for purpose of study but also for protection of life.
We have conducted installation work of such cable.
Making use of our experience, we tackle laying of submersible cable to offshore wind power system which will get into full swing in various places in future.

Submarine cable laying & burial

Other services

We are able to deal with transportation by towage, oceanographic survey and various offshore work at sea and in water.

Beside those, we respond to service at ocean and various underwater work, and we have a proven track record of transportation by towage, oceanographic survey, installation and recovery of observation buoy, diving work at dam lake, test and support work at sea and in water. We welcome your enquiry to offshore and underwater work.