Nippon Salvage Co

Basic principle・Management philosophy

We, Nippon Salvage Group, always do our utmost and contribute to society through promotion of fair and sincere business activities.
1. We meet the client expectation through the highest expertise and international business development.
2. We tackle the preservation of the earth through environmental salvage at sea (*).
3. We build up solid business foundation to respond to the trust of society.
(*: Recovery of marine pollutants and wreck removal and etc. are referred to as environmental salvage. )
And, we rightly recognize the significance of preventing marine pollution as well as the burden to the earth and marine environment which are caused by energy consumption, emission and waste, and we, with a motto of sincerity, positively tackle protection and restoration of marine environment through salvage and marine construction.

Quality and environmental policy

  • In compliance with our management philosophy, we observe law and regulations and, with best trust, we provide our clients with technique and services to give them maximum satisfaction, safety and reassurance.
  • We take positive action to prevent flow out of oil as well as hazardous material through salvage and marine construction, and attempt to prevent marine pollution.
  • We facilitate proper disposal of industrial waste which generates through business activities, and accelerate its recycle to reduce burden and prevent pollution to the earth and marine environment.
  • We enhance to reduce consumption of power energy (electricity and fuel) and lighten the burden to limited resources as well as global environment.

Action guideline

  • We ensure to prevent marine pollution associated with salvage and marine construction, and build quality and environment management system based on requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015 to execute effective activities at office. We appreciate the importance to comply with requirements of the system, and promote the environmental preservation activity including security at each job site, and saving of energy and resources. We positively invest necessary resources, if any, for safety and environmental protection at each job site.
  • The system is to be periodically reviewed and improved as may be necessary to maintain continuous effectiveness of quality and environmental management system.
  • Legal restraints to be applied at job site and office activities, and other requirements which the company agrees are to be definitely observed.
  • Each department sets out business objectives in compliance with quality and environmental policy, and establishes the action plan to achieve the goal, monitor and measure. And, periodical review and appropriate disposal are conducted at proper interval in order to attain the goal definitely.
  • The policy shall be informed, appreciated and executed by all personnel who perform the task under our management.

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