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We thank you very much for your support with great understanding always to our business activities.

We have developed marine salvage business until today in the Pacific Ocean and other seas in the world as workplace since we made a first step within salvage department of Mitsubishi Nagasaki Dockyard in 1893.
Further, we are positively tackling removal of oil and hazardous substances from the vessel in distress, and wreck removal of vessel with growing interests in environmental preservation of the earth. We contribute to preservation of marine environment through such activities.

Just in case for the worst, we have expanded and maintained the updated various equipment besides salvage tugs and work barges, and salvage staff, adding to advanced technique and knowhow, engage in daily work with strong passion and sense of mission.
Availing ourselves of long fostered technique and knowhow from salvage business, we expand activities to marine construction field and positively address marine development business such as laying of submersible power cable and communication cable, and meet request from our clients.

We devote more to the society through business activities in salvage and marine construction and desire to make a remarkable development toward future. We appreciate your continuous understanding and support for us in future too.

The Nippon Salvage Co., Ltd.
Kazuhito Sekine, President

Management principle

Nippon salvage group always do our utmost, and contribute to society through promotion of fair and sincere business activities.

  • We meet the expectations of our clients through the highest expertise and international business development.
  • We work on preservation of the global environment through environmental salvage at sea.
  • We build up strong management base and widely respond to social trust.

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