Nippon Salvage Co

1.Personal information 
Personal information in this privacy policy refers to that which is provided under Personal Information Protection Law.
2.Acquisition method of personal information
We properly acquire personal information to achieve the purpose of use, but not by unlawful means.
3.Acquisition and purpose of use of personal information
We use personal information for the following purpose.
① Matter for provision of our service and management.
② Response to inquiry of our services and recruiting activity.
4.Provision of personal information to the third party
We won’t provide personal information to the third party
(including the person who lives abroad) except provided in law without consent of the person in advance.
5.Disclosure, correction, suspension and deletion of personal information
When we are requested by the person to disclose, correct, suspend and delete personal information, we will respond promptly except the case provided by law.
6.About the use of Google analytics
This website use Google Analytics to analyze and improve the site. At that time, cookie is installed in web browser which Google uses to collect data and existing cookie is read. And, web browser in use of this site automatically send special non-personal information (for example, web address and IP address etc. in the page which you accessed) to Google. It is possible that this website may use such information to grasp the situation of the site availability or improve usage experience. The site user is deemed to have allowed the dealing of data which Google and the site manager conduct in the above manner and the purpose. The method of collection and usage of access information by Google are provided in terms of Google Analytics and Google privacy policy.

About cookie
Cookies mean sign which the site (or the service of the third party like Google analytics) user preserves information in device browser and is able to take out later. But a webmaster is unable to grasp personal information (name, date of birth, phone number, mailing address etc.) of the site user from cookie set in the site, and please be assured. In addition, it is possible to refuse cookie by handling browser at the user end. However, the function of the site may be partly unavailable.
7.Inquiry counter
Please contact the following counter about enquiry of dealing personal information.
Dept.:General Affairs Dept. of the Nippon Salvage Co., Ltd.
Tel:03 5762 7171
8. Changes in privacy policy
We change privacy policy as necessary. In case of changing the privacy policy, its content will be indicated in our website.